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Jacobean comics

Miguel Gallardo

Miguel Gallardo Lleida, 1955

Regular contributor to La Vanguardia, The New Yorker and El País. He won three awards at the Barcelona International Comic Fair; the last one was the Fair’s big prize, in recognition to his whole career. He also won a Serra d’Or prize. He co-created the famous Makoki and other characters such as Perico Carambola and Perro Nick. He published Un largo silencio, a graphic novel about the Civil War. His book María y yo has been translated into ten different languages, and won the Catalonian Comic Prize.

The word which best describes Gallardo’s real world is curiosity, and the one which best describes his imaginary world is real.

Take the Xacobean comics with you!

We know that the Camino de Santiago is much more than the route itself, so this section provides you with the evocative Xacobean comics and posters created by the artists for this event.

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