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Jacobean comics

Juan Berrio

Juan Berrio. Valladolid, 1964

Cartoonist, photographer and illustrator. His works have been published in Business Week, News Week, L’expansion, Marie Claire, GQ, Quo, Jot Down, El País, El Periódico de Catalunya and ABC, among others. He is the author of several graphic novels, children’s books and illustrated books, making a total of 25 titles. In 2011 he was a runner-up for the National Comic Award with his book Dentro de nada. In 2012 he won the fifth Graphic Novel International Award Fnac/Sins Entido with his work Miércoles.

The word which best describes Juan’s real world is contrive, and the one which best describes his imaginary world is connect.

Take the Xacobean comics with you!

We know that the Camino de Santiago is much more than the route itself, so this section provides you with the evocative Xacobean comics and posters created by the artists for this event.

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