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Jacobean comics

Elena Ibáñez

Elena Ibáñez. Cantabria, 1996

She works with fanzine Materia Oscura. She was selected for Beatrix, the first Female Illustrator Fair of Cantabria. She has made illustrations for several records and books. Some of the latter are the anthology Vuelo de brujas and Guía breve de seres elementales y otros seres fantásticos, by Alberto García Gutiérrez, published by Apache Libros. In 2017 she took part in the 20th Kaldarte, an event of ephemeral art that takes place in Caldas de Reis, Pontevedra.

The word which best describes Elena’s real world is simple, and the one which best describes her imaginary world is dystopian.

Take the Xacobean comics with you!

We know that the Camino de Santiago is much more than the route itself, so this section provides you with the evocative Xacobean comics and posters created by the artists for this event.

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