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Ana Galvañ

Ana Galvañ​. Murcia, 1980

An illustrator and comic author who studied fine arts in Valencia. Her stories have appeared in publications by Fantagraphics, Nobrow Press, Ultrarradio, DC Vertigo, Off Life, Autsaider Cómics, Apa-Apa and Fosfatina. In 2010 she received the Special Jury Prize from the CreaComic III Contest, and she won ten Gràffica awards in 2016.

The word which best describes Ana’s real world is gobanilla and the one which best describes her imaginary world is trencapolses.

Ana Galvañ

Take the Xacobean comics with you!

We know that the Camino de Santiago is much more than the route itself, so this section provides you with the evocative Xacobean comics and posters created by the artists for this event.

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